Sensory Anchors

26 July – 31 October 2019 Esplanade Community Wall, Level 3

There is a propensity to overlook the moments and experiences that fill daily life. These routine activities and actions well integrated into everyday life are often taken for granted and relegated to the peripheries of our consciousness. However, the things we do, hear and see every day inadvertently shape who we become and how we engage with people and the world around us.

In Sensory Anchors, Yang Jie draws attention to the occurrences that take place around us. These could be sounds heard at the local coffee shop as people have their morning breakfast, the ticking of a clock, or lights that turn on as evening approaches. Through a series of kinetic sketches, he recreates abstractions of movements characteristic of these scenes and everyday moments. These sketches are assemblages comprising various materials, including readymade objects commonly found in Singapore. This medley of sketches takes on a life of its own, either performing gestures autonomously or reacting to their surroundings.

By drawing attention to the mundane and temporal moments in life and magnifying them through his works, Yang prompts the viewer to reflect on how objects, routines and habits anchor our lived reality and influence who we become.

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