Open Studios

3 April – 5 April 2020 Narrow Marrow, Georgetown, Penang (Cancelled)

Zhng my Kopi-peng
Kinetic Sculpture by Yang Jie (2020)

500 x 500 x  400(h) mm

In the Pursuit of a ‘better life’
Or for the sake of it.
It is in the banal moments:
Those vernacular sights and sounds
That reminds us of where we are
And Where we come from.
The precious stolen moments
Of coffee breaks,
Where we can talk and dream of
A life we want to lead
And a better cup of kopi-peng

Kinetic Sculpture by Wynd Lui (2020)

300 x 300 x 400(h) mm

A Caw of Nature
To Warn us of the Morning
Tis Time to Awake 

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