Otah & Friends: Blast Off & Grocery Run

June 2021 Gardens by the Bay & Suntec City

Our first escape rooms with client El Masnou, Otah & Friends is a wonderful adventure for children with their lovable mascot otter, Otah. A beautiful and immersive experience for both parent and child alike, they attempt to solve puzzles and decipher clues to open locked doors and discover secrets! Simultaneously launched were their two rooms Blast off and Grocery Run, located at Gardens by the Bay and Suntec City Tower 2 respectively. Blast off’s theme involved building a rocket to space, and Grocery Run was about a trip to the grocery store.

Hakono was engaged to provide the tech solutions and to materialize the activities that their designers have envisioned. We made the digital interactions possible for a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Activations for Blast Off included a device that would open a sliding door when props are fitted in the right place, and button activated video and light effects to launch the spaceship!

Grocery Run had a checkout counter that scanned rfid tags and kept track of a grocery list, and a game that dispensed cheese when the button was hit at the right time!

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