Train of Thought

30 July – 30 September 2021 Our Tampines Hub

The Train of Thought is a subway-sandwich sized locomotive which runs within a miniature landscape of the mind built from wood and teeming with activity from kinetic & acoustic fittings and features. Calling upon stations along its meandering looped track, the train carries ideas between the stations akin to neurons journeying along a synaptic connection, each station a junction where thoughts linger and ideas disembark.

The Train of Thought is about visualizing the exploration of the mind
in times when vacations abroad are not an option, promoting freedom within borders rather than without. It is about an inside of body experience; Daydreaming, brainstorming, over-thinking, and even deliberations over what the next meal should be can be considered an adventure where your neurons embark upon, albeit at light speed; slowing down and visualizing the process in a fun and experiential way, spurring the mind into a journey of creation and excitement.

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