Draw Me a Sheep

6 – 17 September 2021 Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Draw Me a Sheep is a student exhibition by NAFA’s Fine Art course, where students were tasked to develop tech driven artwork inspired by new technology or fringe tech like neural networks, AI, and deep (computer) learning. With such a challenging goal and only scattered understanding of the subject matter, they bravely sought to break new ground with their creative minds. After reaching out to Hakono for assistance with realizing their ambition, we had a great time collaborating with the students and connecting the dots with tech together, creating the best possible artworks with what we have.

We guided with advice and counsel, part educating while helping to build the solutions. There were five students in total, and we were most involved with three of them. One of the artworks, Cache of Ethics, involved randomly generating a poem based on a name and a fortune 500 company, and then printing a receipt with the poem and various bits of numerical data associated with the company that was chosen.

Another artwork involved creating a short video that had been processed with deep dreaming algorithm. We created the means by which to automate the process of using the Google service, so as to make possible an otherwise arduous process meant for still images. The last student needed a reactive quiz for data collection, and we helped to source and integrate the solution with her needs.

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