March On Festival: Monster Hunt

9 March – 20 March 2022 Esplanade, Various Locations

A mysterious outlaw attacked the visiting circus Moe’s Mystical Menagerie and has let three monsters loose at Esplanade. The ringmaster offers a bounty for capturing the escapees in time for the opening show. Can you find clues, overcome obstacles and solve puzzles in the real world to unlock the next part of your story online? Strap on your smartphone and embark on a swashbuckling adventure that will test your constitution, courage and compassion.

Monster Hunt is a collaborative work between Hakono and Void Deck Games, where the narrative and design is driven by VDG while the set, interactions, and fabrications were handled by us. The story was told via a set of quirky videos that were linked to QR codes. These codes are scanned after completing an assortment of fun activations in various locations scattered about esplanade. The fabulous tale came to an exciting finish where participants chose to side with either the greedy ringmaster or the altruistic mascot of esplanade.

Activations included a swampy obstacle course with a dark cave and a motion activated animatronic, a mysterious pillar with hidden moving devices that would tickle your senses, and a maze where you retrieve eggs using dexterity and coordination.

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